No pain No gain

Well, Today was my last Physical Therapy for now. It takes a lot to keep going once PT is over. For those of you who struggle with physical issues I want to urge you to keep going! It takes a physical and emotional toll on you. It is when you don;t see instant results that things get hardest. Just set your mind and keep going! I have found that it helps to have people checking in with you to make sure you are doing well. Don’t let yourself stop working towards your goals! make a list of small things you want to do and check off those you work up to then look at the ones you have done and remind yourself of how far you have made it! Goals are wonderful things to have! I pray that God blesses you and gives you peace as you push through towards your goals!


My Voice For Her Life

My Voice for Her Life

My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord: and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever. Psalm 145:21

It is that moment every woman lives in fear of. The one you feel in slow motion as you are told the fateful words medical emergency. You find yourself being whisked passed a crowed of ill people who can wait to a room reserved for you because this time you can’t wait. Lying helpless on a bed in a hospital ER you realize just how short life really is. This is not a random story I am telling, but the story of my first pregnancy. As it has been said before, this is the ugly truth; my truth. 

        Who the people are around me name for name is really not important, but the person inside of me is very important.  For this is my voice for her life. She is my daughter and my blessing from God. Today she is 12 years old and I am her Mother.

        It was July 14th 1999 and I was four months pregnant. Having lost suddenly the use of my legs and developed spasms it was determined that I should undergo a non-dye MRI. Having seen my films the tech rushed out handed them to me and told my husband to drive me straight to the local ER the doctors were waiting to admit me. I will never forget this day it was my birthday and the first time I had ever come face to face with the abortion mentality.

        If you would have told me the year before as I wrote a paper arguing against abortion that a day would come that I would have to argue face to face with a doctor for the life of my child I would not have believed you. Standing in front of my senior class reading my hot topic paper just a year before I was so naive to what this topic meant to me and any child I should bare.

        There in that hospital room faced with a life threatening illness I discovered the ugly side of medicine. As the doctor painted a clear picture of the only option he had in mind for my health care I found myself repulsed and angered as well as terrified. I said to the doctor I will not have an abortion several times. His view was that I was not excepting of the medical situation. So he turned to my husband trying to get consent to abort our child and do the needed spinal surgery to remove the tumor that was killing me. He simply refused to give me another option right away.

        After a long verbal battle he finally gave me option number two. He felt then I should allow surgery to be done while I was pregnant and they would simply give my child no regard. If the baby lived so be it if not so be it. I couldn’t live with that. I knew in my heart they would let her die. It was not an option any more worthy of choice than the one before. Having voiced my objection and made very clear that under no circumstance   would I allow my child’s life to be treated as less than equal to my own the doctor then turned once more to my husband. He made it clear that if I would not willingly do as he wished he could then find me mentally incompetent and my husband could pick from one of the above for me. I continued to put up a fight and verbally protest. I quoted scripture and made a passionate argument for what felt like an eternity. Then by the grace of God two doctors stepped forward joining my side. They simply couldn’t allow me to be over ruled after hearing how well I made my arguments. I got option number three: early delivery and a fight for my child’s life and then surgery for me to fight for my life. I could live with this option it gave us both a fighting chance. It respected God’s love for us both! Why this option was the last one and in the medical professional’s view, the least favorable, I will never understand.

        It is twelve years later and my Daughter is happy and healthy. Choice number three is the best one I have ever made. Not a day goes by that I don’t believe that God has kept us both because of my choice to honor his word and will. I chose life for my child, I understood that I could die doing so, but I also understand now as I did then that God never promised me an easy life with no challenges he only promised to be with me threw out this life I live regardless of how long or short it might be.

        I write this to let all women know that when you are pregnant you are your child’s first voice. What you speak will either bring life or death to them. Please speak life! It is wrong to view their lives as less than our own. Just because they are not born yet does not give us the right to hand out a death sentence upon them. No one will love, protect, and care for your child as you will. You must be fully ready no matter what should happen to do what gives your child a chance to live too. If you could close your eyes and for one moment tap into the feelings of what an unborn child must feel would you not fight harder for them. They are real living people. This is someone we are talking about not a something; a person whom you are sheltering inside your womb. Nurturing and for whom you are called to give voice for. You are your child’s first voice please speak up for their rights!

        I was taught in civics class that my rights end where another’s rights began. Just because a child is in its mother’s womb does not give us the right to strip it of its rights. Does this fragile life not demand us all to speak up for it? To defend the rights the unborn child has if for no other reason simply because the child has rights! This is not about the mother’s rights, it is truly about the rights of her child and where they began the mother’s end. Please consider the consequences of stripping the rights from the weakest most vulnerable of us, the unborn child; does this not pave the way to strip away from the strongest of us our basic rights as well?

        Consider what that one doctor would have cost me that day. Yes I might have lived through the surgery but I would have lost my right to be the mother of a wonderful 12 year old who is a wondrous blessing to my life. She is someone not only worth knowing, but also worth dying for. She is my daughter who laughs cries, plays, and woodworks, loves taking pictures and has won many awards. Has captured my heart gave me joy and challenges me every day to be a better me. I would have lost a life full of richness that only being a mother can bring!  All those years ago I couldn’t imagine how blessed I would be as a mother. I used my voice to speak life for my child with a hopeful heart. Today I can say that yes even if I would have died it would have been worth it, she was and is worth dying for. Nothing in life is without risk and becoming a parent is a great risk, but one that is worth taking. Do not let yourself be deprived of the chance to be a parent. Don’t let fear rule your life and strip you and your child of your voice!

        If you are pregnant and struggling to decide if an abortion is something you should do, take one moment right now. Close your eyes and put your hand on your stomach. Visualize the child who is in your womb and ask yourself who is this child you carry? What life will they have? Will they laugh and cry and play like you once did? Will they change the world some day? Where will they go to school and where will they work?  Who will they be… will they be your son or daughter…your best gift to God and this world? Pretend for one moment you can look them in the eyes… ask yourself this one question: Can I really pass a death sentence on someone I have not met yet? Know this, life is not meant to be easy and children are never convenient. God does not hand out perfection on this earth. We live this life to grow in our understanding of our own desperate need of God’s love. Jesus died for all of us, but not all of us will accept him. Should your child die for you as well? Who does the abortion do the most for? Will it really fix your broken life and give you a second chance? Imagine your dead lifeless child and the days after he or she is gone from you. Do you really think you will feel any different then? Will it make your pain go away? Think of having your child smile up at you and the great love you have to give to this child. Think of the days you could spend full of the joy a child can bring into your life. No it will not be easy and you will struggle, but in the end you will be blessed.    

        How will you be blessed? You will have a child smile up at you, need you, and fill your life with someone to love. You will watch as they grow up and find that there was always a place in this world for them. Most of all you will have had the chance to speak for another’s life, being empowered to be more than just your own voice. You are the voice of the next generation. The voice of life!

ISBN, Copyright, Barcodes and the Self Published Author

Books & Stuff They Are Made Of


Here is a bit of information about the making of books. As a self published author I have become aware of how hard it can be to create the next best book. We do not think about the parts of  books or the work it takes to make the literal magic happen. Today’s post is all about the nuts and bolts of publication. Let’s talk shop!




So you have a story written? Now what do you do next? Let’s talk copyright first. You might have heard about the poor man’s copyright, it is when you mail yourself your work and keep it un opened put up. This is ok but not going to really hold up in court. You see there is a legal process which you must follow to actually document your work. Every country is different and since I am in the USA I will be using our services.

Copyright USA Office – This is where you register your work! Yes, this will cost you money. Is this really the first thing you do? No, you don’t have to do this first, but yes it is a good idea to do it right away. You can wait till your book is done then copyright the book. This requires two copies of the book to be sent in along with payment. You do not get your books back. If it is a manuscript only one copy is required and you do not get it back. Do not forget to save yourself a copy of your work! Your finished book can be added to the Library Of Congress. Everything you need to know about this process and copyrights are found the link I have here for you. Now time to talk about:

ISBN & Barcodes- Bowker is where you can buy your own and is the official spot to do so! You can also opt to use a free one from the publication platform you chose to utilize.  I use Createspace to publish my works. I did use their provided free services this time. I have bought my ISBN before though. One key thing to note about the ISBN is that for every type of publication of your book a different number is required. So if you have softback, hardback, and an e-book you will need three ISBN, one for each of them. This is why many authors chose to use the free ones provided by the publication firm they are using.

Writing a book is hard work! I find that it is very rewarding though and I am always pleased to have in my hands a book that is all my own.I have only scraped the surface of what goes into the making of a book here. Check out the links I have provided and remember, you need to write a good story before you can do the rest of these things! Blessed writings everyone!

Deedra Mosley

Being real like Aslan 

Being real like Aslan 

​“Aslan a man!” said Mr. Beaver sternly. “Certainly not. I tell you he is the King of the woods and the son of the great Emperor-beyond-the-Sea. Don’t you know who is the King of Beasts? Aslan is a lion — the Lion, the great Lion.”

Then, of course, Susan and Lucy ask if  he is safe — to which Beaver answers with his memorable line, “Who said anything about safe? ’Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

Some of you know that today’s post is all about the symbols we use and sometimes abuse in daily living. I recently became horrified at the appalling displays of flag burning and rioting associated with the US Presidential Election. What upset me the most was a post I made the mistake of reading which was calling for the use of a safety pin to be worn to advocate yourself as a safe place and supposedly standing for unity. 

Forgive me for finding such a thing as a cheap, easy to get, and nonsensical thing as a safety pin horribly atrocious. Given that those asking to wear them are tied to the same group of individuals who burn our flag. 

Perhaps they need to be reminded of the symbol which they wish to destroy and its deeper meaning. Maybe it is just the knowledge that we can’t offer a safe place to even ourselves. 

In the midst of my outrage at having true symbols of our history and preserving nature mocked and replaced by something as ludicrous as a safety pin I found myself recalling C. S. Lewis and his beloved Narnia. Aslan, a name which symbolized Christ. 

In the above excerpt you can see the children were afraid of Aslan for a good reason! He was a lion, not a tame lion either! He was also hope. While he wasn’t a safe place he was good! 

Can you really have redemption without risk?

As frail humans who are given to being rebellious and prideful can we honesty say we are safe and good? I find it more truthful to say we are neither safe nor good! We are wicked and forgetful.

Can we say we stand with those who are oppressed and sympathize with them while standing by and destroying symbols that remind us of our hurtful barbaric past as well as show us as unified wishing to forge together a future? Can we both riot which is destruction and nurture which provides safety and growth? 

We are not Aslan. We are not good. While Aslan was dangerous the truth was also that those he was a danger too brought the fear of him upon themselves. His very nature stood against their wickedness. He was good, but not safe. To know him was to risk facing your own frailties. 

I can go over millions of symbols with you worthy of your noting, the tomahawk, the rebel flag, the American flag, the statue of liberty, all the war memorials too, but the most dangerous symbol is that of Aslan for it leaves us with the truth of the cross. 

Who was the man called Jesus King of the Jews?

Jesus wouldn’t wear a safety pin for anyone. His idea of being a safe place and lover of humanity was a cross. Is he safe? No. Is he good? Yes. 

Jesus will not tell you what you want to hear about your own nature. He won’t justify your desires to be rebellious and wicked. To know him you have to risk seeing your need of him. His goodness will lay bare your falseness. 

The cross is not a safe place. It is a place of truth which refuses to allow us to continue living in delusion. It is where we see ourselves in an honest light for the first time. It is where we come to understand we are not safe nor are we good. We are those who crucified the innocent savior. We are in need of redemption.

So before you mock and destroy symbols while wearing a safety pin I invite you to give thought to what it means to be like Aslan. Think on the only symbol which represents true redemption. Remember the cross a place that isn’t safe, but it is good. 

Something Wicked 

Something Wicked 

Today I have been battling a sinus issue and perhaps a cold. I have had one long week! I am hoping next week will be better. I really haven’t gotten much done this week as far as writing goes. 

After a battle to get my cellphone back installed with all my favorite apps I discovered that Facebook doesn’t share my professional page updates like it once did. Needless to say that has frustrated me to no end! 

I am also disgruntled with humanity in general. So many horrible posts about what is going on in the world. If the posts aren’t bad enough, God help me, the comments! Oh, the horrific comments! 

I guess some people can’t see that they make themselves look like sheer vile devils with the cruelty of their own words. To call for the abuse and death of a young child is beyond terrible! I call it the pitchfork mentality. The latest article that got me was about a four year old who flushed a kitten down a toilet. People blasted off pitchforks in hand in the comment section calling for the crucifixion of that poor child. I can see calling for the parents to be held accountable for the child’s well being and the kittens too, but to spew words of vile evil towards a four year old? 

Is humanity even human anymore?

You can’t help but wonder if perhaps we have lost our essence of humanity along with our morals as well as good sense. Have we become dumb witless beasts? Perhaps it is so. 

I think back to my childhood and all the pains of growing up. There were many a hard lesson I learned over the years. I pray for the four year old child. I pray for the parents too. I pray for those who would crucify them for that one horrific moment in their lives without giving a thought to what they have lived and learned through. 

What kills me the most is the thought of how many of those same people crying for blood of a four year old over a kitten that turn around and praise women who have abortions. When did we turn from teaching our children to be loving, compassionate, and caring to demonizing our children and killing our unborn babies? When did we become nonhuman? 

Break Me

Disability Culture


What is it really like being disabled?

Why would anyone want to be disabled?

There are many answers to the above questions. I am physically disabled and have had the privilege of writing a about my journey several times. I speak out about what I went through often too. I want to share here a post I did last night on my professional Facebook page.

I haven’t talked about disability in a while. I mean to say, I’ve not shared about my disability in a while. Let me start by saying that it is beyond offensive to be treated as though I am ignorant and mentally inferior to those without disabilities.

My disability is a physical one. It is true that often you can’t see my Physical limitations thus it leaves others to assume I’m suffering from mental disability. Your assumptions lead you to treat me as though I’m irrelevant.

My words are ignored and I’m left wondering if you see or hear me at all. It makes you look less intelligent and cold as well as cruel. You, in your attempt to devalue me, have become the one lacking. I’ve gotten to the point I no longer repeat myself nor do I stand waiting for your attention.

You are the fools. I know my brilliant mind and artistic soul, but I know even better the merciful God who permitted my Physical disability which humbles as well as frustrates me. In his wisdom I can now see how those who are mentally challenged are received and treated. You push them aside. Ignore them and walk away while they struggle to reach out to you. It is beyond disgusting. Your behavior is vile.

I’ve been privileged to see clearly the culture of innovation, but for all we have achieved I’ve been horrified to experience the effects it has had on our own vanity. As an international author and up and coming celebrity of the arts I have seen time and again the arrogance of assumption. You look but don’t see and think you must lower yourself to the level of those who are not like you.

The truth is you need to reach up to us. We are not beneath you. We are above. We are above only because we understand that others are just as worthy to be heard and seen as we are. Respect is not based on limitations. There should not be one level of respect for those who are whole and another for those like me.

So where have seen this belittling behavior? In schools, shops, hospitals, and yes, even in churches. It can be found many places and seen in some people who you would not think it of. As an artist and author it is a privileged to be seen and heard. As a physically disabled woman it is a greater honor to see and hear those who are ignored and treated as irrelevant by others.

When people make the mistake and assume I’m mentally disabled I have learned to praise God for the reminder that those who are need my love and attention. They need me to see and hear them. Let me leave you with this question… when was the last time you truly saw  and heard what  those who you have thought less than you are saying?

Let me challenge you to stop being the stigma propagation towards those who are disabled. Learn to value them for who they are because they are just as human as you. Mental disability and physical disability doesn’t make a human less human.‪#‎disability‬ ‪#‎writerslife‬ ‪#‎beautifulminds‬ ‪#‎beautifulsouls‬ ‪#‎GodsEyes‬

Now that I have given you a glimpse to what type of treatment disabled people are at times subjected to I want to talk about why people want to be disabled.

It came to my attention that there are those who self harm just to create a disability. They are calling themselves trans disabled. This is now becoming an interesting subject to follow due to the trans gender movement. The trans gender movement sought to establish those who claim to be trans gender as normal and not mentally ill.

Now the trans disabled movement wants the same thing. They are people who desire to be disabled and who will even self harm and self mutilate to achieve that goal. They want to no longer be seen as having a mental illness which causes this behavior.

Why do I want to talk about these people? It is because I am really disabled. I had a tumor which resulted in my physical disability. There is nothing glorious about being disabled. It isn’t something you should desire.

I am aware now of a wonderful movement which is the disability culture movement. It is not about creating art through disability, but rather about helping those, like myself, express our artistic talents in spite of being disabled.

I do not want this wonderful movement to become tainted by those who are trying to rally people for the cause of trans disability groups. Let me be clear when I say I support the disabled because I am disabled. I feel trans Disability persons are mentally ill. I support them getting the help they need to realize they are beautiful and perfectly made as they are. I do not want to have disabilities glorified to the point people will feel the need to harm themselves to join the ranks of the disabled world wide. At the same time I do not want to discourage or dishearten those of us who are disabled.

Physical and mental disabilities are not glorious or glamorous. They cause suffering and at times poor treatment by others as I spoke of in my post above.

I can not let this movement go unspoken of because deep inside me I feel that body modification and self harming is wrong. I want to encourage those around me to embrace who God made you to be. I am against your abusing your body to gain love, attention or acceptance.

Embrace who you are.

Yours In Christ,

Deedra Mosley

Here comes the social stepper

Deedra Unleashed


   In our current day and time we have so much information at our call. We often get bombarded by the things we are being informed of. At times we miss the opportunity to share good valuable information with others due to the amount of information we are already processing.

   I was asked to weight in on several issues this past few days. I am often aware of some of the reactions to the issues going on due to the posts on social media from my friends and family. The way they react catches my attention and brings a new light to the world issues around me.

   As an International Author and Artist I am often at the ready to cry out “crucify me” and jump into the mix of social media outlets to express my views. There are times I have realized that it is better to avoid falling into the hype of the issue and just talk about what is relevant to my ministry.

   What’s a Christian to do?

   As Christians we should try our best to set the focus on God. We must carefully weigh our positions on the hot topics of today and stand ready to give answers that are God glorifying. I admit at times I fail to do just that. I think we all have had those non-glorious moments brought to us by our sin nature.

   You can get caught up in the anger and emotion of the topics and forget to stand ready to point others to the loving God who sent his son to die for us all. You are angry and sin finds a way to leak out of you.

   God’s word says for us to be angry and sin not. So how do we do just that? It is my believe that Abortion is the worst abomination we can commit. We murder an unborn child for no other reason, but to full fill our own desire to be shed of the person growing inside us. I am going to use Abortion as my example for how to be angry and sin not today.

   So, we now know that I am against abortion. I hate abortion. It is a vile and cruel practice which murders a human in the womb. What know? I can be outraged and angry at this abominable practice, but I should never violently attack or physically abuse someone who has had, is going to have, or will perform an abortion.

   When we are against something we should be ready to act in a way that shows others our stance against it without violence being used. You don’t win souls to God by being filled with hate. God is love. He has given us, his children, the command to love one another. You may have heard the saying “Hate the sin, Love the sinner.” This saying is not about condoning the sin. You never condone sin, but you do show love to the sinner.

   We can pray for those effected by the sin that angers us. We can even offer better alternatives to the sin. In this case we can adopt or offer to adopt the children being killed. We can become outspoken about the issues we find horrific. We can set good examples for others to follow.

   What we can’t do is become instruments of hate. To become violent and harm another person while decrying the murder of unborn babies does not stop abortion. It shows that we have embraced the fundamental ideology behind abortion. Behind the idea of exterminating that unborn child is the thought that they have no value.

   The devaluing of human life has so impregnated our society that we can’t always see how it is playing out in our own actions. We are angry and we sin. We loose sight of Jesus and the example he has set down before us. We see red, but it is not the blood of Jesus. What we see is the red of flames. Those flames are born in the pits of Hell and developed into the evil that has seeped into our lives and via us our world.

  I want to make it very clear to you that posting comments saying someone should be killed, or die do not glorify God. Bombing abortion clinics and harming humans does not glorify God. Jumping a homosexual and beating them up does not glorify God. Verbally bashing a prostitute does not glorify God.

   The way we respond to the sins around us should glorify God. If we show his love and mercy then we will be able to be angry and sin not. If we call ourselves Christians then we need to seek ways to live the gospel in front of others. Yes, that even means the ones who participate in lifestyles and choices we disagree with and know to be wrong.

   I invite you to take a look at the story of Jesus and the woman at the well. Google it if you don’t have a Bible on hand or can’t recall where it is found. You might wonder why I am not giving you the scripture reference. It is because you have to want what it says and learn from it yourself. I can’t give you what I have. You must find knowledge for yourself. Seek God first.

Yours In Christ,

Deedra Mosley


What Blood Buys

What Blood Buys

Abortion Mentality: The price of child sacrifice.

Written By: Deedra Mosley


What is abortion mentality?

There are many ways of looking at what is the mental reasoning behind those who support abortion. Some claim it is a right of the mother to terminate her offspring in utero. Others focus on the cases of unwanted pregnancies from rape. While many others focus on the health benefits to the mother such as cases they claim that termination would save the mother’s life. In every case those who are pro-choice feel they have valid arguments as to why abortion should be legal and excepted.

We will not be looking into each of these arguments in this article. Instead I want to delve into something darker. I want to take a walk through a world in which our psychological morals have been shaped by the legal act of abortion.

Here is a very interesting link to an article about abortion mentality.


When Jesus said for us to let the little children come unto him he did not mean for us to kill them.

Denial is a psychological defense mechanism that helps a person avoid a potentially distressing truth. It can also be looked at as a form of “avoidance”, which is another psychological term that indicates a person is doing all they can to not deal with a given situation. However you choose to frame it, recognizing its presence in your behavior can do wonders for your ability to know when to look at a situation differently from the way that comes naturally to you.


The above quotation is from an online post about denial. It is a part of a very interesting article by: Roger S. Gil.

It would seem that we are in denial about pregnancy. We want to believe that the child inside the mother is not alive or valid till birth. We see debates about when a child is a child. We deny that the start of growth is what produces a birthed child. We find ourselves denying that life began at that very moment of conception in order to excuse the willful murder of our offspring.

The lies we tell ourselves.

It was not a child. It did not feel anything. This is what is best for all of us. It is legal so therefore it is moral. It doesn’t hurt anyone. It is good for the mother.

These self wrought justifications are born out of denial. For these to be true we must first deny that the child will be an adult if let live. We must rob the person of the unborn child of its humanity in order to justify the violent act of murder. We must also lie to ourselves about the effect of the violence needed to perform the act of abortion upon the mother. We must, in fact, become a sociopath.

What is a sociopath?




1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

A lack of conscience.

We often hear murderers called sociopaths. The above is a definition which I found by searching Google. They justify their killings and they lie to themselves and others about the reasons they act as they do. They lack a conscience. Do we lack a conscience? Are we more like the murderers we imprison than we care to believe?

How we view our children shapes how we treat them.

Let us take a look at the impact of denying the unborn children their humanity.

If a mother has the right to kill her child in utero then why shouldn’t she be able to kill them once they are born? After all some aborted babies are still alive after being torn from inside their mother’s womb then they are placed aside to die. No one helps them survive the abortion. They have no value even after being born.

When a murderer is killing an innocent victim they are only doing what feels right to them.

When a Mother aborts her baby she is only doing what feels right to her.

Once we have justified the termination of a life we set in motion a new set of morals. Morals are what determine our belief in the acceptable. What we choice to do is based on our moral foundation. If we believe that it is acceptable to terminate a pregnancy that belief carries over into our view of what we have allowed to be ended. A child’s life.

We no longer set a value on the life of our offspring. It is viewed as an inconvenience and a health issue. Pregnancy is no longer a viable state of being in which life is created. It has been reduced to just another health issue. Life is no longer upheld as sacred. What moral conscience we once had has been replaced with no conscience at all. There is no longer a line between right and wrong. Murder has become the normal state of living. The focus has shifted to gratification of our person from the sacredness of the person the child would have become.

We are murderers.

Their blood is on our hands. As a Christian I have a moral obligation to cry out against such evil. Our churches have not only been silent too long on this issue but have failed to educate us on the psychological fall out from such acts.

If we, as Christians, are not having our morals shaped by God’s word then we are being shaped by the social media and entertainment world. Our morals come from some place. We can’t deny that we as individuals are shaped by what we believe. What we believe is shaped by what we accept. What we accept is shaped by the world we live in and partake in.

Child sacrifice is not something you want to believe you have ever taken part in. We know what it is. We understand that to kill a child is wrong? Or do we?

The rise of violence towards children today.


I have been unsuccessful in finding a detailed chart on the statistics and rates of child abuse for the last ten years. This makes me wonder if we have not been paying attention to what is happening in our world.

Time to step back and take a look at the messages we have aloud to sneak into our lives.

Reflections of evil and our programing.

For one of my last blog posts I covered self harming behaviors and how when we buy entertainment services our money goes towards all the programs. Including the pornographic or hyper sexualized ones which do in deed have self harming in them and support the message that self harming is okay. While looking into what is being offered and really asking the question is this in some way self harming behavior I discovered another trend. Many of the entertainment industries products not only support self harming but also support abortion mentality.

What happens when children are no longer valued?

Before you say that you have never supported self harming or child sacrifice take another look at the media around you. What are you really paying for? What really is the message behind the new wave of T.V. shows, Movies, Music, and Books that we have available for viewing with our paid prescriptions? It is not a stretch of the imagination for me to say that we all in some form or fashion are supporting immorality.

What can we do about it?

We can start by being honest about what fuels these perverse “entertainment” Medias. If you are wondering how we came to a place where in 2016 you can watch, listen to, and read about subject matter that once was considered unacceptable let me help you understand.

There is disconnect between what our laws here in the USA are and what we allow to happen to those who live in our country. Here is an example of disconnect: We will condemn murderers of children and imprison them without mercy, but we hail and praise Doctors who perform abortions which murder children.

We have now seen the rise of child hate. You can look at some of the popular horror movies and see how we now view our children. There once was a time that we feared harm coming to our children. The movies were about someone stealing our children or trying to hurt them. Now we see children as the source of evil. Parenthood is being portrayed as wicked and bring evil to us. Take as an example the soon to be released movie, The Boy.

Watch the official trailer for it on YouTube.


Ask yourself how the parents are being portrayed and how is the child being portrayed? What do you think shaped the plot of this movie? Can you see echoes of the abortion mentality here? Asking ourselves questions about what is behind what we are seeing produced for our entertainment is one way we can fight back against the immorality that has taken hold of our post abortion world.

I want you to think of the following topics that I have seen as trends in the offered entertainment world. I am going to tell you what is being shown to us and the abortion mentality behind it.

The Blood Runs Off Our Hands.

Depictions of sibling incest. The message behind this is simple: Having more than one child is bad. Children are sexual objects.

China one child rule. – Many of the agencies depicting underage or incest between siblings are either produced in or edited by Asian companies.

Depictions of children as killers. The message: Children are evil and kill us.

This plays to the thought that unborn children are a threat to the mother’s life.

Depictions of children as demons. This also plays up the thought of a threat to the mother. It makes the child something to fear, to hate, and to destroy. Mocks religious teachings of the child being virtuous and sacred.

Depictions of abortions being performed in which the mother is comfortable and has no long term emotional issues. This builds on the fallacy that abortion is good for women and safe.

A youth or child being murdered but floating from another place and feeling happy and okay with no real justice coming to their killer. This plays up to the dead aborted children accepting death and being okay with it as long as their parents find peace with it. It relays the message that justices is not needed for the dead.

These are just a few of the things you can find if you look through what is offered in any of the major online paid subscriptions. You may not watch these types of things, listen to music that supports it, or read the books which depict it. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean you’re money hasn’t supported it.

This type of psychological warfare on our morals has been going on a long time. We have seen a rise in it as our world’s morals have shifted to the obscene. New mental tactics are being used to persuade our morality away from what currently shapes our governing laws.

I covered the socially unacceptable first. There are children’s entertainment selections that are just as jaded. In the interest of making this post shorter I will leave off here. I challenge you to look at the socially acceptable entertainment which you do enjoy on a daily basis and ask yourselves if you can see any hidden messages in it which just might be shaping your and your children’s morals.

Remember just because it is within the legality of the law and people everywhere are doing it…that doesn’t make it right.