Bloggishly Yours…

I am a lover of poetry with a passion for a good romance novel from time to time. I have been called eclectic in my tastes. As a Mother of two active children I am forever on my toes. I love teaching Sunday school at my home church and I am an abolitionist fighting against abortion. The greatest joy that I have had to date is being a mother. Children have a way of inspiring the best in a person. I draw strength from my two children and they keep me writing. From the forms I fill out for school to the papers I find myself editing I can say I shall never lose my love of writing as long as I have my children with me! They bring out the best stories and poems that are locked away inside of me!

My home is filled with Southern charm and steeped in Kentucky heritage. I love to surround myself with handmade items from my area. It gives me a vision of who I am and where I am going. I feel as much a part of these beautiful Kentucky Mountains as I do my own body! Till I die I will always be a mountain woman. I hope to pass on to my children a love of our heritage and the feeling of belonging to this beautiful place we call home.

I have challenged myself to write 10 things I remember about each of my loved ones and leave it in a journal for my children to read long after I am gone. I want them to see through my eyes the world in which I have passed through and those I have cherished along the way!

Deedra Mosley

6 thoughts on “Bloggishly Yours…

    • I am glad you like what you see. Feel free to use my points :) Please post a link to your books as well and feel free to look me up on Face Book and like my professional writing page! Blessed writings!

    • I know I am a short and sweet writer on here LOL I really need to get myself a time slot and sit and do a more fleshy piece or two. Thanks for reminding me to make time to write for this! It is hard to steal a bit of time but I will try to get myself to commit to a longer post :)

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