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When You Sleep
By: Deedra Mosley (Copyright 2017)

The silky sky flowering above,
Soft caress of your shining brass soul,
Hush, silent longing;
I’m your desire,
The burning fire in your flesh,
A dream floating through you,
The silk touching your mind palace;
Sights, sounds, and a beautiful aroma,
Falling into your world,
Drifting over you,
A ship on your sea;
When you sleep I’m there,
Beside you an empty memory,
Inside you a living flame;
Burning through your ebony walls,
Drifting into your world;
What is desire but a dream waking can’t destroy;
What are we but dreams untold;
When we sleep,
There are no walls between us,
The falling stars write our names;
Passion unfolds like a blanket,
Upon the lush sea green memory;
Don’t fade away,
I’m real when you sleep.

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I will survive…

As long as I know how to love…

   We all should recognize those words and I bet some of you sang them in your head just now! I picked those words because they have such deep meaning and they are true! 

   Tonight I finished helping with the last night of Vacation Bible School. I limped home physically done in. My physical disability really slaps me down sometimes. Ever since last night I’ve been feeling really rough. Tonight I’m facing more medication and a swollen ankle. I feel relieved to have made it through another Vacation Bible School! 

   I’m not joking about making I survived VBS 2017 shirts either! Oh, yes, I’m going to make three of them. One for myself and one each for  my daughters, because sometimes you need a victory shirt to celebrate with. I’m seriously proud of my church for pulling off our VBS this year and I’m so grateful for the locals who came and helped us make it a really amazing experience for the kids! We survived! 

   For the love of the children and the glory of God we pulled together and pushed through till the end. It was hard work and took dedication to make it come together. It also gave our members a chance to work with some wonderful local people. Without their help and willingness to bring their children out to participate it wouldn’t have been near as good as it was! 

   The best part of VBS is the fellowship and getting to pour out our love on the local children! I admit many of those children are my family members. I love them dearly and it makes me thrilled to be able to spoil them just a bit! One of them said to me that she knew who I was… I belonged to her! Yes, I definitely do! 

   So to everyone who survived VBS 2017 worldwide… Congratulations and let’s do it again next year! 

Your favorite small town author,

Deedra Mosley

Tears of Sorrow

July 24th 2017

It has been 21 years since my father took his life. I was 18 years old at the time and it came as a real shock to us all. There was so much going on in my life with my entering my last year of highschool and looking at college. I hadn’t seen the warning signs of it coming.

Sometimes we are guilty of getting caught up in our own lives and we fail to look beyond our to do lists and tomorrows dreams. Today I want to remind you to stop once in a while and really look at the people you love. Look at their faces and talk to them. There is nothing blissful about being unaware!

Sorrow is deep and so is depression. We can’t brush aside feelings of depression anymore. Those moments of darkness shouldn’t be taken lightly. Too many people have been lost to that darkness for us to turn a blind eye to it still. When someone says they are depressed pay attention and take time to validate their life. The time you take to just love on them and the effort of trying to help will be well spent! It is too late to do it when they are gone.

If you are fighting the darkness of depression today I want you to know you are not alone! There are many who face the same battles everyday. You are also loved and needed! Don’t believe the lie that your life isn’t of value. There are people who you need you and care for you. Sometimes we just can’t see that clearly when the darkness hangs over us.

My heart and my prayers are for those who are fighting depression today. As I look back and remember my father and the loss of him I also look forward to what I can do to help others who are hurting today. While it is too late to change the outcome of my father’s life it isn’t too late to change it for someone else. If you have lost a loved one to suicide I invite you to share your heartbreak with me. Share your personal grief and help let others who are thinking of suicide know that it is not the answer. Help me reach out to them today. Leave in the comments what you wish you could say to the person you lost.

What I wish I could tell my father is simple: I love you and I will always need you to be in my life! I can’t tell him that now because he ended his life, but I can let all the fathers who are thinking of suicide hear it. Any parent who is considering suicide I would say to you this: You are loved and your child will always need you to be in their lives! Not a moment will pass me by that I will not wish I could share those moments with my father. Every moment of joy is bittersweet and every moment of sorrow is twice as hard.

Deedra Mosley 

July Writing Time 

                                                                    July 22 2017

It is another hot July day and everyone is trying to stay cool. I’ve been working hard on my writing career this month and I’m pleased to say gaining ground. 

   I have struggled with developing my leprechaun romance book Into The Small World which was the first book I won NaNoWriMo with. It was a mess since I didn’t break it into chapters or even try to have good written structure. 

   I definitely advise using your best writing when you compete. You’ll thank yourself when edit time comes around! Nothing like realizing you have no chapters and no set paragraphs to work with during your edit! 

   So here I am in the hot of July fighting to stay cool and find a way to make my manuscript less off a hot mess! I started by breaking it into five parts, that should make it easier on myself to edit. I’ve also managed to get part one set up in a better format with real paragraphs. 

   The writing struggle is real! It takes hard work and dedication to craft a book. You can’t just toss something together and hit the submit button, well okay you can do that… But don’t! You want to show your best writing. While some people do make money from their tossed salad writing you can imagine how much better received they could be if they actually took time to edit and revise. 

   There is no such thing as perfection. You’ll realize you could have done better and you’ll always find something you missed in your books. It’s life. Just remember to keep growing and learning as you write. If you come to a place you can’t see how you can improve your writing talent then you have come to the end of your journey. 

   We write for many reasons, but one should be to create an even better book! My next book will challenge me. I always strive to write a better book than my last. You should challenge yourself too! I

   My July thought is stay cool and keep the writing hot! 

Your crazy writer,

Deedra Mosley

Summer Reading Reviews… July 2017

One of the things I enjoy doing is reading and it is always a pleasure to be asked to review the works of my peers. I just finished two rather good books and I thought I would share my thoughts on them with you here. If you are looking for something a bit different these authors have just that!

Nonsense Creatures  by Brian C. Alexander


This author is one I stumbled onto while watching YouTube videos. This is his first book and I found it to be really enjoyable. It is a mix of poetry and short stories that are dark and some are a bit gory. They work well in this compilation and flow together painting a picture of the author and his interests. These poems and shorts have the feeling of Edgar Allen Poe if he had lived in this current age. Haunting and thought-provoking they weave together into a delightful read. I would definitely recommend this book especially to those who enjoy the horror genre. The well set dark tone of the book gives voice to raw emotion and the horrors of the human condition which shocks the reader in a few places.

The second book I will be reviewing today is one by Sarah Angleton Launching Sheep & Other Stories from the Intersection of History & Nonsense


I have become acquainted with this author through our mutual involvement in a group on Facebook. This book is a collection of the author’s blog posts which display a unique view of her life with historical information weaved into each short story. This book boasts colorful titles, history tidbits which are stretched at times for humor, and everyday life. One of my personal favorites was the blog post titled “Pickled History Scraped from the Bottom of the Barrel” which was written September 24th 2015 and tells us the disturbing story of “tapping the admiral” which I was relieved to learn was in fact just a work of fiction of epic grossness. With the various posts comes room for everyone to find something that delights them. If you love history and are looking for a light read that has much to offer in the way of  subject matter, this is the book I would recommend for you. I could see this as a wonderful book to take on vacation for those quiet moments when you need something relaxing and fun to read. It’s unique, silly, and witty, in short, I highly recommend this book!

Those are the two books I have just finished up reading for this month. I’m always looking for something new to read. If you have a book you think I will enjoy feel free to contact me via my website. Also, I would be delighted if you would read my books and give them a review. As an author your opinions as my readers matter to me! Tell me what you think about my books and if you read one of these books I have reviewed let me know how you felt about them too. Let’s talk!

Author Deedra Mosley

The Life & Times of a Small Town Writer

Here comes the words!

I have been busy as a bee trying to get my business plan in order and doing a lot of hard work changing things on all my social media sites. After all these years I am going to be making writing a serious profession!

Over the years I have played around with my writing and tried different things here and there. I have never really given it much thought till here of late. Writing can be a hard and even cruel profession with no guarantee you won’t starve, but it also is very rewarding too. There is nothing like holding your book in your hand for the first time and realizing the lasting nature of words! Long after you are gone those words will still be here!

2_mauve_victorian_lady This picture was found on google and I just love it! Someday I hope to enjoy dressing up in some fun vintage costumes and taking me a spot of tea. Just to say I did it! Why did I toss this picture in here? I just liked it and thought I would do so.  Also to make a point about needing plot structure. Without some planning things can get really crazy, really fast! Just like this photo and tidbit was random and throws off my post so can the lack of plotting throw off your story. 😉

I’m proud to say that I am a writer! I am also excited about this new adventure with words. It is a lot of fun to write books and be able to entertain others with my stories and poetry. It is also a lot of hard work and takes a lot of effort. If you are thinking about making writing a career my suggestion is to write every day and learn as much as you can about character development, plot structure, and marketing. I suggest studying business too.

Plotting is my least favorite part of the writing process. I admit I am a pantser and love to write it as I think it up, but that can get me into real trouble when it comes to the plot. If you don’t have any idea how your story is developing it will show. That is why doing at least a simple plot for your story is a good idea. You don’t have to be really structured, but you need a basic road map to go by!

I’m really glad to be in Debbie Burns group on Facebook called Creative Central. She has some great workshops for writers and the group is really supportive. I suggest you look for a good active group online to join. It is also good to have a writing group local for you to join and gain support through too. Groups are also great places to find beta readers as well as learn what works for other writers when developing characters and plots.

If you would like to check out my current books or have questions about writing in general click my name to visit my website.

Deedra Mosley, Author


Dear Microsoft Windows 10

Update so polite. 

Listen I get it.  You need to update your program and that required a restart. 

In a world of windows that I can change and personalize so much I just wonder why those silly updating messages can’t be changed.  I mean you let me change colors,  fonts,  backgrounds and even gave me a personal assistant I don’t even like.  So why not let me change the messages?  



We are updating your system. This might take a while. Don’t turn off your computer. 

(Listen you pudgy donut eating freak of a writer we got your system by the Intell processor and you best not turn the power off!)

Please wait as we install new software. 

(I told you hang on you freak the software ain’t done! ) (I can only load so fast!)

Your computer will now restart several times. 

(You ain’t my Daddy, Bill Gates,  and I don’t have to stop flickering the screen!) 

If you have enjoyed this little bit of fun then my job here is finished.  Now let’s see what is new with windows 10. 

The Lady of the Closet salutes you. 

Yes,  that is the inside of my over stuffed closet.  We have it filled up with so many things that sometimes I’m afraid it might bust!  

Hoard much? 

We just can’t seem to let go of anything we have stuffed inside! Three of us ladies fighting for space in the closet of doom. Stuff falling as we dig to find what we need.  

Clothing, books, crafting supplies and more fill up the space. We have it stacked,  hanged,  and tossed in there.  Every inch is like a dragon’s hoard.  Filled up with stuff we love,  think we love, and can’t seem to let go of. 

A heart of clutter. 

Just like the closet of doom our hearts can also become cluttered!  We forget to make room for those who are in our lives right now.  It doesn’t mean we toss out the old loves,  just reorganize them.  

You can’t focus on the people in your life right now while clinging to those who are gone. Sometimes we have to box up those left over emotions and store them away to be able to fill our space with new loves.  

It is OK to miss those you have lost.  It is not OK to be wrapped up in the missing. Letting memories hold your heart hostage causes you to stop living.  

Praying you can make room in your heart for those new people in your life.  Loving isn’t easy,  so I pray God softens your heart for you.  

~ Deedra 

Call Me Maybe

Sometimes we wonder what’s wrong with us.

I saw a question this week that made me pause.  Someone asked if we should feel ashamed for being emotional?  Should we be hard on ourselves for being a mess?  In my opinion no.  

Sometimes people make us feel like we should be sorry for being emotional or struggling with depression and anxiety. We really shouldn’t feel bad about it.  Everyone has moments of weakness!

Beautiful mess.

We sometimes forget that we are all beautiful messes!  There is no such thing as a perfect person. (Aside from Jesus Christ ). Each one of us have struggles.  That person telling you to stop being a mess is a mess too!  Just because they seem to be more together than you doesn’t make that true!  

We tend to be hard on others and most times we can’t even tell them what we are feeling.  We get tired,  hungry, sick and weak. We shut down and babble as well as crash and burn at this thing called life.  Stress does kill we know.  

Looking at me… 

It is hard when you are disabled to live with the things you can’t do.  I am forced to admit on a daily basis I need more help than I want!  

My Disability is physical but it takes its toll on me mentally too.  Those things I can’t do make me feel worthless sometimes!  That list of restrictions seems to rule me at times.  

No matter if your disability is physical or mental or both we all have that list of weaknesses that we have to deal with daily.  There is always a mountain we can’t climb.  

We have to find a way to focus on the mountains we can climb instead! This doesn’t mean we won’t fall apart on a daily basis.  It just means we are committed to facing the struggle!  

Climb the mountain and slide down the other side. 

How do we climb those mountains?  I’m clueless.  For me it is by the grace of God.  What does that look like?  Me being a mess and stumbling through life day by day finding I’ve gotten somewhere I didn’t know I could find.  

I’m the first to say don’t follow me!  I’m always lost,  a mess,  and either early or late. I think that is true for all of us,  but I admit sometimes I think it is just me.  

So if you’re feeling like you’re the only one who is a mess, remember I’m a mess too!  Sometimes we are so broken we can’t call on each other for help.  That’s when we need to call on God.  So call me maybe… Call God definitely!  

~ Deedra 

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