No pain No gain

Well, Today was my last Physical Therapy for now. It takes a lot to keep going once PT is over. For those of you who struggle with physical issues I want to urge you to keep going! It takes a physical and emotional toll on you. It is when you don;t see instant results that things get hardest. Just set your mind and keep going! I have found that it helps to have people checking in with you to make sure you are doing well. Don’t let yourself stop working towards your goals! make a list of small things you want to do and check off those you work up to then look at the ones you have done and remind yourself of how far you have made it! Goals are wonderful things to have! I pray that God blesses you and gives you peace as you push through towards your goals!


My Voice For Her Life

My Voice for Her Life

My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord: and let all flesh bless his holy name for ever and ever. Psalm 145:21

It is that moment every woman lives in fear of. The one you feel in slow motion as you are told the fateful words medical emergency. You find yourself being whisked passed a crowed of ill people who can wait to a room reserved for you because this time you can’t wait. Lying helpless on a bed in a hospital ER you realize just how short life really is. This is not a random story I am telling, but the story of my first pregnancy. As it has been said before, this is the ugly truth; my truth. 

        Who the people are around me name for name is really not important, but the person inside of me is very important.  For this is my voice for her life. She is my daughter and my blessing from God. Today she is 12 years old and I am her Mother.

        It was July 14th 1999 and I was four months pregnant. Having lost suddenly the use of my legs and developed spasms it was determined that I should undergo a non-dye MRI. Having seen my films the tech rushed out handed them to me and told my husband to drive me straight to the local ER the doctors were waiting to admit me. I will never forget this day it was my birthday and the first time I had ever come face to face with the abortion mentality.

        If you would have told me the year before as I wrote a paper arguing against abortion that a day would come that I would have to argue face to face with a doctor for the life of my child I would not have believed you. Standing in front of my senior class reading my hot topic paper just a year before I was so naive to what this topic meant to me and any child I should bare.

        There in that hospital room faced with a life threatening illness I discovered the ugly side of medicine. As the doctor painted a clear picture of the only option he had in mind for my health care I found myself repulsed and angered as well as terrified. I said to the doctor I will not have an abortion several times. His view was that I was not excepting of the medical situation. So he turned to my husband trying to get consent to abort our child and do the needed spinal surgery to remove the tumor that was killing me. He simply refused to give me another option right away.

        After a long verbal battle he finally gave me option number two. He felt then I should allow surgery to be done while I was pregnant and they would simply give my child no regard. If the baby lived so be it if not so be it. I couldn’t live with that. I knew in my heart they would let her die. It was not an option any more worthy of choice than the one before. Having voiced my objection and made very clear that under no circumstance   would I allow my child’s life to be treated as less than equal to my own the doctor then turned once more to my husband. He made it clear that if I would not willingly do as he wished he could then find me mentally incompetent and my husband could pick from one of the above for me. I continued to put up a fight and verbally protest. I quoted scripture and made a passionate argument for what felt like an eternity. Then by the grace of God two doctors stepped forward joining my side. They simply couldn’t allow me to be over ruled after hearing how well I made my arguments. I got option number three: early delivery and a fight for my child’s life and then surgery for me to fight for my life. I could live with this option it gave us both a fighting chance. It respected God’s love for us both! Why this option was the last one and in the medical professional’s view, the least favorable, I will never understand.

        It is twelve years later and my Daughter is happy and healthy. Choice number three is the best one I have ever made. Not a day goes by that I don’t believe that God has kept us both because of my choice to honor his word and will. I chose life for my child, I understood that I could die doing so, but I also understand now as I did then that God never promised me an easy life with no challenges he only promised to be with me threw out this life I live regardless of how long or short it might be.

        I write this to let all women know that when you are pregnant you are your child’s first voice. What you speak will either bring life or death to them. Please speak life! It is wrong to view their lives as less than our own. Just because they are not born yet does not give us the right to hand out a death sentence upon them. No one will love, protect, and care for your child as you will. You must be fully ready no matter what should happen to do what gives your child a chance to live too. If you could close your eyes and for one moment tap into the feelings of what an unborn child must feel would you not fight harder for them. They are real living people. This is someone we are talking about not a something; a person whom you are sheltering inside your womb. Nurturing and for whom you are called to give voice for. You are your child’s first voice please speak up for their rights!

        I was taught in civics class that my rights end where another’s rights began. Just because a child is in its mother’s womb does not give us the right to strip it of its rights. Does this fragile life not demand us all to speak up for it? To defend the rights the unborn child has if for no other reason simply because the child has rights! This is not about the mother’s rights, it is truly about the rights of her child and where they began the mother’s end. Please consider the consequences of stripping the rights from the weakest most vulnerable of us, the unborn child; does this not pave the way to strip away from the strongest of us our basic rights as well?

        Consider what that one doctor would have cost me that day. Yes I might have lived through the surgery but I would have lost my right to be the mother of a wonderful 12 year old who is a wondrous blessing to my life. She is someone not only worth knowing, but also worth dying for. She is my daughter who laughs cries, plays, and woodworks, loves taking pictures and has won many awards. Has captured my heart gave me joy and challenges me every day to be a better me. I would have lost a life full of richness that only being a mother can bring!  All those years ago I couldn’t imagine how blessed I would be as a mother. I used my voice to speak life for my child with a hopeful heart. Today I can say that yes even if I would have died it would have been worth it, she was and is worth dying for. Nothing in life is without risk and becoming a parent is a great risk, but one that is worth taking. Do not let yourself be deprived of the chance to be a parent. Don’t let fear rule your life and strip you and your child of your voice!

        If you are pregnant and struggling to decide if an abortion is something you should do, take one moment right now. Close your eyes and put your hand on your stomach. Visualize the child who is in your womb and ask yourself who is this child you carry? What life will they have? Will they laugh and cry and play like you once did? Will they change the world some day? Where will they go to school and where will they work?  Who will they be… will they be your son or daughter…your best gift to God and this world? Pretend for one moment you can look them in the eyes… ask yourself this one question: Can I really pass a death sentence on someone I have not met yet? Know this, life is not meant to be easy and children are never convenient. God does not hand out perfection on this earth. We live this life to grow in our understanding of our own desperate need of God’s love. Jesus died for all of us, but not all of us will accept him. Should your child die for you as well? Who does the abortion do the most for? Will it really fix your broken life and give you a second chance? Imagine your dead lifeless child and the days after he or she is gone from you. Do you really think you will feel any different then? Will it make your pain go away? Think of having your child smile up at you and the great love you have to give to this child. Think of the days you could spend full of the joy a child can bring into your life. No it will not be easy and you will struggle, but in the end you will be blessed.    

        How will you be blessed? You will have a child smile up at you, need you, and fill your life with someone to love. You will watch as they grow up and find that there was always a place in this world for them. Most of all you will have had the chance to speak for another’s life, being empowered to be more than just your own voice. You are the voice of the next generation. The voice of life!

Sweet Sixteen

It has been sixteen years since my spinal surgery. I praise God for the many blessings in my life since then. This year I am learning to walk correctly! We are working on building up my strength as well.


I feel so very blessed to be able to walk and to be alive! This time sixteen years ago I was dying. A tumor had struck me down and was slowly killing me. I had no  way of knowing that today would ever come. I had spastic paralysis and was being wheeled down a long hallway toward what we all thought was my death.

I kissed my oldest daughter goodbye, and I couldn’t even dream of my youngest child existing. I couldn’t see how God was going to save me, raise me up, and give me life in the face of death.

Today I helped with outdoor education at Camp Nathanael. I stood, I walked and I lived. I am still bound by limitations such as a twenty five pound weight limit, but for all the things I can’t do I have found so many things I can do. For the healing that I have I praise God!

Sometimes in life we don’t get what we want. I never wanted to be disabled. I never thought that I would face anything as hard as this or as humbling. I also never imagined that I would be able to praise God for being broken. I do praise him though. He is a great and mighty God. My broken is his glory.

This is my sweet sixteen. I am alive! I can walk! I am beautifully broken!

Check List Mania

So we have packed for our four weeks of volunteer work at a local Christian camp. It is not too far from our home, but still we have to pack tons of stuff. Thus the massive stacks of lists we now have laying everywhere.

Check lists are a must when you are about to travel. For those of us who have serious health issues they can save lives. Making a medicine list and checking our health care items out has taken the better part of today. It is always time well spent though!

I wanted to give a little update on where we will be and post a few ideas to help make traveling a bit easier. Here are a few things that I just finished doing today to help us be ready to leave this Sunday.

  1. Check your medication filled dates and count the pills you have to make sure you have enough to last till you get home.
  2. Use baggies to hold over the counter medications and prescription medications. Write the name on each bag to make it easier to know which medications belong to each family member.
  3. Pack a first aid kit to take with you. Small ones can be kept in your purse or car.
  4. Create a medical info card for each family member. Have their name, SS#, allergies, as well as medicine list and insurance # on it. Put your doctor and pharmacy information on it too. This makes it easier to answer health questions during an emergency.

Those are the top suggestions I have. We do these every time we travel. It takes time and can be a hassle, but it makes sure we all stay healthy and have what we need to enjoy our trip.

I am a list maker for sure. I even go through our clothing and toiletries and organize them before I pack them. My motto is better safe than sorry! We look forward to our trip and I hope to get to blog a bit about it. I also hope you have enjoyed this short update. If you are about to travel I pray you have a blessed journey!


Paperwork Blues

My paperwork has paperwork.  I’ve got those paperwork blues. 

If that sounds like the song you are singing then this post is for you! Here are the top ten things you can do to keep it together or get it together.

1. Keep your papers in envelopes.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask for paperwork to be mailed directly to your house.
3. Plan ahead for upcoming events requiring paperwork.
4. Make copies of important papers that you know you will need a copy to submit.
5. Use free online software to organize your information. (School grades and so on)
6. Print out multiple copies of paperwork you will need in the future.  (Bank Statements)
7. File away important papers as soon as they arrive in the mail.
8. Put receipts into envelopes marked receipts to sort at the end of the month.
9. Did you forget to document a volunteer activity or field trip? Grab photos and blog your memories or journal it and add receipts or play bills.
10. Keep envelopes for bills or other important things filled out and ready to stuff and stamp.

Don’t let paperwork rule you! Show it you’re the boss. 

Here is one last tip.  Practice filling out applications and forms! You can download this year’s forms and print off some for practice.  It helps you do it right when you are ready to do it for real!

Deedra Mosley

Tickled Not So Pink

Tickled Not So Pink

I went to check out the winners from a poetry contest I had entered (and lost) to see what kind of side splitting laughter inducing poems had bested me.  I didn’t even laugh once.  I was shocked that the winners couldn’t even get a snort out of me. 

My sense of humor must be off.

Is it just me or have we lost the art of laughter? Seems we just don’t do funny anymore. Not that I thought my poem was amazing or that I feel I deserved to even win, but the ones I just read through were so awful that I have lost interest in even competing in this contest again. 

Is it wrong to want to be made to laugh? Is it too much to ask for? I found myself asking myself these questions. I will admit I was so disappointed at the lack of the funny that I didn’t even bother finishing reading any of the unfunny junk that won. 

Found it on Google... ;)

Now I’m begging you… 

Somebody please make me laugh!

I don’t have a dime to offer you, but I would love to see your best and most hilarious poems! E-mail them to me via my website http://deedramosley.wix.com/deedramosley
I will gladly post the top 10 here on my blog along with a shout out to each author! Make sure you give me your website or blog link to go with the poem. Please no offense language, profanity, or racism or anything vulgar. Keep in mind that I am a Christian writer and have certain standards to uphold. Make me laugh so hard I cry! Please!

Come at me bro

Make with the funny,
Split my sides honey!
I need something funny,
I need some money,
Come at me bro,
Bring it!
Make with the funny,
To bring the money,
Then I’ll be your honey!

I admit the above off the cuff isn’t my best writing,  but I wanted to leave you with a little something.  Now go write your own and share it with me!

Deedra Mosley

A Writing Writer Writes …


The hardest part of being a writer is actually the writing! I have times I feel very burned out with the whole process and just can’t force another word from my finger tips. I have abandoned several of my projects due to this hard wall of writers despair. My current work has become painful to even dream about. The wall has sucked the life out of my writing joys.

I decided to start back with my daily journals and so far the efforts have been well worth it. Just everyday writing as a break from the pressure of stellar writings has made a big difference in my life. My novel will get finished, but this little break has been paramount in my gaining the momentum to go forward with the huge undertaking of a multi book series. Being able to just write and to not stay wrapped up in the faux world I am creating as I go has been a nice vacation for my mind.

Journaling has its advantages. You can explore different ideas or practices writing down detailed descriptions which you can later use to make your books more interesting. It can be practice for your basic writing skills or just a messy over view of your feelings about your daily life. What ever you write is for just your eyes. No pressure to perform and no guide lines to follow. It is freeing and pure pleasure.

Being a writer is not glamorous. I find myself cross eyed from looking at a screen all day and covered in ink as well as pencil dust from my hand writing sessions. I have worn more pencil shavings than I care to admit. Writing can actually hurt! No one tells you about the back pain and finger cramps you will get. It takes a physical and mental toll on you. That is why it requires breaks. Sometimes you just have to relax and let it go for a few days or weeks.

When you write life is still happening. I can’t tell you how many days I have spent doing dishes, washing laundry, and cooking between marathon writing sessions. It is like a revolving door the way I work and live keeps a circler motion going here in my home. You have to live and when you are a born writer you also have to write. The two are connected. Daily living helps you form more realistic worlds for your characters to live in. You must actually get outside your home from time to time and see the world. What you live will shape what you write.

Writers block… the wall you beat your brains out on.

When you hit the wall you must put down the pen and ink then get outside your faux world. It is when life itself carries you some place beyond where just your imagination can take you.


Okay, life just messed me up. Thanks to my silly children the muse for this post has been preempted or possibly high jacked. Ugh. “It’s dead Jim!” Yup, it has left my brain! So you see living can be a doubled edged sword. Some days it helps you write and other days… like today, it kills the writing flow. It can reduce you to nothing more than a hot mess rambler.  Which is what I am now.

Good luck with your writing and may you find inspiration all around you!

Confessions of a Boring Blogger

I must admit that I am boring.  So I just spent all of five seconds googling topics to blog about. What I realize now, is that I’m boring! I do the no, no list of horrific blogger things and still I’m boring!


Have I ranted on here? Yes,  and it was epic boring.  I have also been bad to just leave short nothings on here that have no real point to them.  My life ,it seems, is boring.  So my poor blog is also boring. 
Now that  I’ve come to a place where I am fully aware of this horrific boringness I’m at a loss to make recompense for it! Just how does one create interesting blog posts? That is a million dollar question.
Unless my life gets drastically more interesting I doubt my posts will improve any time soon. So brace yourself for the boring which is about to be unleashed upon the internet waves by yours truly!
Maybe the real truth is that this blog has been Facebook’s ugly sister for a long time.  It is where I force myself to visit and “update” with a post.  The appeal of blogging has never been as great as that of social media. I think it is the lack of interaction between the writer and reader.  Yes you can comment on blog posts, but there is no guarantee you will get a response from the blogging writer. Sometimes we even have the comments disabled.
I’ve excepted that my blog will probably never be amazing or have millions of people who actually read it. At this point I’m not even sure why I’m still blogging!
Will it make much difference that I  post more often now? Probably not.  Am I going to be posting more on here? I hope to do just that! Not to build up a blog following or even to be interesting, but just to be writing.  I blog for the sake of putting words together. 
So here is to all of us boring bloggers! May we blog for the sake of the art of writing. May we find ourselves in the world of cyberspace just one more small voice doing its cyber thing! For the love of digital noise… Post on my dear friends!

Deedra Mosley

Famous but Poor

Often we dream of having our fifteen minutes of fame and wonder what being famous feels like.  Well, it feels a lot like being on social media with close to 400 people most of whom know you better than you know them!


I think that we are all famous in our own rights.  In today’s online fueled social media frenzy often all that is missing from the celebrity status is the all mighty dollar! If you want to be overwhelmingly bombarded with messages and calls just log in on Facebook. Drama it has in spades along with the political and social gossip. Want to feel the wrath of a backlash… Social media has that for you too.
There was once a time where fifteen minutes of fame could only be handed out via the local news station or news paper. Those days are gone! Now a well said status update or ridiculous and controversial videos can take your life to new heights… Sometimes just in house between those who you really know and sometimes even beyond your circles. 
So before you feel the bitterness of jealousy towards the so called upper echelon of society remember that you too are famous… Just not rich! Be careful what you wish for and what you post. Unfortunately fame (even the poor kind)  comes with a cost!

Deedra Mosley